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Waterline Pools and Spas, Inc.’s strategy relies on sound management that is genuinely interested in the customer, always encouraging staff to provide quick and courteous service to all those who visit our facilities. We also commit ourselves to providing the general public with the opportunity to purchase proven and tested quality pool and spa products in a clean and professional atmosphere. The pursuit of excellence will be achieved by seeking and creation of long term relationships with vendors and sub-contractors instead of short term earnings. We believe these ideas coupled together will help ensure the customer with a lifetime of satisfaction and enjoyment.

“Waterline” appeared in the central Florida pool and spa market in 1985. At that time the company was located in downtown Orlando and was primarily in the retail spa and hot tub business. In 1987, Vic Norberg became president and quickly started growing the company by adding custom quality swimming pools to the company’s product line. With over 5,500 satisfied customers Waterline Pools and Spas, Inc. continues to be know as one of the most respected Pool and Spa contractors in Orange, Seminole, Lake, Volusia, and Osceola counties

Distinctive Qualities


We believe people do business with people they trust.

Therefore honesty and integrity… both personally and corporately are underlined in everything we do.


We believe in a relaxed style and absolutely no pushy sales people.

Our design sales staff are experienced and professional – you won’t be let down.


We continuously strive to see how much — you the customer — can receive for your dollar.

Instead of how little you may get — we guarantee we’ll beat any written competitive bid by including more valued products or by price — which ever you prefer.


We promise we absolutely will not cut corners.

You can depend on receiving everything you signed up for and then some.


We promise and insure quality workmanship.

We will make anything right before we go to the next phase.


We promise you will not be a “guinea pig” with untested products.

What we install will bring years of enjoyment.


We warranty what we sell not some other party.

Call us with any problems and we will stay with you until something is working as designed.


We believe answering our phones is always better than recorded voice mail.

We know how frustrating it can be when you can’t get an answer.


We insure completion dates so you're swimming when you expect to be.

We back it up!


We believe that your buying experience should be cool and enjoyable.

We communicate so you know what is going on week to week.

Our Mission

Waterline Pools and Spas purpose is to make available a clean and professional atmosphere whereby the consumer can experience an enjoyable opportunity to purchase and have built a beautiful quality outdoor environment. Including creating a team oriented organization so to insure the customer feels valued for choosing to our company to build their swimming paradise.

Watch Our Team At Work - Timelapse

Building a new pool…

Remodeling a pool…

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